Why Passive Income

What is passive income and how can it work for you? Passive income is income you don't have to be present to make. When you go to work for someone at any business you are trading your time for the amount of pay they feel your worth. Most of the time when you're younger you end up getting paid your state or countries minimum wage. Most people can't live off minimum wage because it not enough. Creating a side hustle helps you cover things your job doesn't.

How you choose to create your passive income is up to you. You can create a travel blog, dog blog, cat vlog, sell digital photos, sell ebooks and forms. You can create just about anything and sell it to anyone world wide. You just have to pin point what you can offer that has an audience that's interested and market to them. Sounds easy enough right?

The thing is you have to create a landing page that gives your clients or shoppers a place to land when they click over your ads. Your audience who's looking for help finds it and you get a referral fee. It's a win win for you and the company your promoting.

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