Las Vegas Vacation For Adults

We all love our families, our careers and partners. But at some point we burn out and just need some sun and fun with you and a few friends. I've personally been to Las Vegas a few times and I'm not gambler. I went to see what Las Vegas had to offer and I had a great time. Here you can get a few suggestions that will help you on your way to planning a time on the town gambler or not.

When you are planning your weekend get away please keep in mind location. Like I said I've traveled to Las Vegas a few times and one of the times I left the hotel planning up to a friend and didn't like where we stayed at all. I won't mention the place but I will say old Vegas isn't for me. Your best bet is to log into the hotels directly. As a general travel trick I use to book all my stays. What I found is that if I book with the hotel directly I ended up saving a minimum of 25% off. During some seasons I'm able to save nearly 50% if not more just by going direct. You don't have to go completely cheap because hotels throw offers your way to stay at their casinos. Also get a hotel with a pool so you can enjoy the water to cool when you just feel like relaxing.

Next you should map out what you want to do. Las Vegas heat is nothing to play with; standing outside trying to figure out where to walk next is a hard pass for this traveler. I rather know exactly what to expect in terms of shows and wait times I like to know what the best route to get from A to B fastest. Also since Uber, Lyft and other transportation is available download the apps before your trip. This will make getting around easier and much more comfortable for you and your party.

During the day wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking around, especially if this is your first time there. Choose any shoe that you have already broken in. Do not, do not wear brand new white athletic shoes on your first day. You will be like me and needing a foot massage after an hour of running around. Biggest mistake was waiting on breaking out my new kicks the day we landed. The back of my ankles needed band aids to keep from bleedings. Not cool. It probably wasn't an hour but more like 3 or 4 hours of walking around.

If you do end up needed a massage there are plenty of places you can stop and get your feet rubbed. I stopped at one walking through a mall and the women had time to work on my feet. Totally worth the $45 w/tip I paid just to have some relief from all the running around. And I can't remember right now, but I do remember going to a second place in or next to New York Casino and Hotel or a quick rub down. Totally worth every penny after hitting a club in heels.

When you are choosing something to eat please keep in mind the experience and not just the cost. Restaurant quality is premium in Las Vegas. Depending on what you want to try is really where you should start. Now they have beautiful places for romantic dinners or international buffets were your able to try lots of different dishes. The first time I went to Las Vegas we did a buffet because we didn't plan anything out and it was last minute trip. I can say that The Mirage was worth the $40+ per person because they have a buffet that has everything. We decided to check out the art display in the their garden that was perfectly planned out. I didn't even know it was a thing for The Mirage because it was my first time there. I totally recommend as it was amazing and we had a great time.

While you're in town for the weekend do go to a show or two. I went to a Cirque Du Soleil show and it was awesome. I didn't know what to expect since the tickets were a gift. I never researched we just had tickets and showed up. At one point I was watching the show looking upward because people were coming down over the crowd. It was something amazing and eventful. I thought the show was great and so did everyone leaving. I don't think I heard one bad thing. That night we stayed out until 2ish in the morning just hoping from casino to casino.

If you do end up clubbing or casino hoping stop at the best taco spot on the strip. I found this place by chance and only over time has the place got bigger and bigger. Now I didn't think much of the place but its recommended by a taxi driver to try. So we said lets do it got into the car and found some of the best tacos on the strip. The small establishment is named Tacos El Gordos on the strip. We love this place and every time we are in town we stop by for our favorites. Seems like everyone figured out it was the best because the place had doubled in size since the first time we went. Totally worth stopping for some tacos after a long night of fun.

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