How to Grow Your Audience 101

This is the tricky part because so many people act as gatekeepers for so many things especially in business. The thing is there is no actual reason to do this. Here in the United States we have over 329.5 million people alone. Do you really think that everyone is doing the same things. Absolutely not! I can assure you that everyone of us has our own dreams outside of the sharing online. Yes we probably make up a lot of social media but not a lot of us know how to build websites, podcast, blogging because it all takes time to put together.

Here are some tips and ticks that your targeted audience wants to hear from you:

  1. Create a site using the Wix builder because you can connect your Adsense and affiliate programs so much easier than any of the other builders I've used. They have the sauce and you need to get some.

  1. Share things that your targeted audience expects to find on your site. If you going to talk about finances stay in your lane. No one likes to find a website that offers everything about everything. It isn't because the material stuff sucks. It usually comes down to finding those great sites that shared everything but super hard to find the material once you left. Trying to return to these types of websites after you've left it feels overwhelming and I know I usually exit the site. Never overwhelm you audience because they will leave and never come back.

  2. Make sure that you links work when you set them up. Each link is to help you customer client or 1st time drop ins. I absolutely hate when links don't work or if they do work they take you to the wrong destination. All these little things make your visitors not want to come back. Forcing your visitor to close your site and not return. It happens, fix it.

  3. Only share the things you've actually used. If Hustle Society Co hasn't used it we aren't going to promote it. You want to keep your authority clean. No need to share everything just because you can. Only share the things that will help your followers and make your website an authority that they can come back to over and over.

  4. Be consistent with your content. If you plan on writing something once a week. Do make sure that your dropping religiously on the same day each week. Your followers will appreciate that every week that you give them something they can keep returning to your site to learn about.

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