Blogging For Money

"Get paid to blog your life away."- Hustle Society Co.

So you want to blog your life away to make some money? Lots of people try that's for sure. But you my friend want to be successful at it. And the only way to measure success in a business is through the profits you can generate while doing something you are passionate about. That same thought about passion will directly affect your profit margin. If you are a biker guy and you have zero interest in plants and gardening you probably shouldn't pick that as something to write about. Unless you are a biker guy who happens to be a dang good gardener. You never know it can happen.

Step One:

Find the best blogger who make the most money. Do not copy anyone. That is a big no no for all bloggers and vloggers. What you want to do before you jump in and create website is to figure what makes the most money in the field you are interested in the most. Do not start a blog on money unless you really enjoy talking about money. And if you do want to make one on money and finance create one that has your touch, tone and experience. Yes there are thousands of blogs and vlogs but only one you. So get out there and do share with the world.

Step Two:

Figure out what web builder you want to use on your journey. It took me a more than a dozen different types of builders to figure out why I like some and not others. Don't be lazy on this part because it can cost you hundreds if not thousands to get it right. There are tried and true types but it's based on user skills and experience. I completely trust WIX because I've used them on client websites, store fronts, blogging and many others. I have experience and still I've made mistakes and just remember that's normal. The best thing to do is find one that you enjoy using. If you find yourself hating the learning curve on any of the builder get out and end the trial. You want something you feel confident in learning.

Step Three:

Set up shop, service or a combination of both. You want your site to be user friendly and pretty to the eye. Every person I've come across hates a few things right up front such as load times. Don't you hate when you get on a site and it takes minutes. I don't know about you but if any site takes more than 10 seconds I'm off the page and searching others immediately. Security is also important do take a moment to understand the difference of what you are paying for. Some of these builders do take additional payment to secure the site for the year. It makes sense since it costs money to secure anything.

Step Four:

Plan out what you are releasing before you start it. You want to organize your thoughts so that others can follow along and not get lost. I lost when people create blogs and you can go from one topic over to the related topic without having to figure out where the next step is. You want to make it as easy as possible for your reader of your watcher.

Step Five:

Set up all your social to connect to your website so people can find you. Now I've heard good and bad things about this. So on the bright side if people can find you they can also follow you. But if you make one bad move or there is a misunderstanding you can be cancelled which is terrifying for anyone who owns a business. I've often heard my clients say that most of their customers are not family and friends right off. That strangers from across states are more supportive so they don't share their content with family and friends. I get that reasoning as well. This could be your four business venture and you don't want people to criticize you or your work. Totally get it.

There are plenty of other steps but these are the ones that will get you to where you going as fast as you can decided on the direction you want to go. I say take you time and planning and then start your blog. Also don't get stuck to long because it does take time to grow and you will need to have content ready to create your business.

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