#1 Website Builder For Beginners

Hustle Society Co. is an online clothing store that also hosts a blog and newsletter about the power of the side hustle. We had an idea, planned for it, organized it and created it. Just to be clear we did go through several builders that promised ease and access. Each one of those builders failed us, took up to much time and money.

First builder that we worked with couldn't connect to the Adsense on google. I had asked customer service if they offered an ease and access to Adsense widgets. The customer services said yes they did. So I purchased our year access only to find out that they did over a path for ads but did not offer the widgets to connect. I worked on that site for three months before it was ready to be scanned and approved for Adsense. Turned out after taking serious time to create enough content to share our site Adsense couldn't be connected. It was a total waste of money. That builder was expensive and wasted all my effort on that site. It was nightmare to say the least.

So finally after all the disappointments we decided to give Wix website builder a chance. We had to get back to the drawing board. I was fully aware to the other disappointments. After all I new exactly what it was that I needed for the audience that I was trying to attracting. Wix made it easy to navigate and my site was up in hours verses days and months. It was so satisfying moving forward away from subpar websites.

Wix is easy to set up. You choose a template that fits the kind of work you plan on doing on

line. If your a blogger choose from the blogging templets and make it yours. Changes out the pictures, add your topics, setup affiliates and share to everyone on different platforms and search engines. Simple to do and takes no time once you know what you want to sell or share.

Wix Pricing is straight forward without confusion and has a 14 days guarantee or your money back no questions asked. Seriously no questions. Don't you just love the companies that give you a time to try something out to see if it works for you? I love that part and it made it easy to figure out what the Wix builder is great because they have solutions and the widget market place where you download plugins that assist you in make money. You will not be disappointed in the simplicity in working with the WIX family.

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